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*NEWS FLASH! UPDATE! SPECIAL NOTE* (Indiegogo Campaign Expansion).

Should our campaign goal significantly exceed our expectations, we will fund both the trailer as well as a 15-30 minute short with the ultimate goal of flying back to our hometown of Bensalem Pa. To release it during a weekend charitable book signing tour to an audiance while, raising addtional funds for ūüôā

This campaign will rely heavily on our SHARE POWER from friends and Alumni back home. We can make it happen and donate to a great cause at the same time. If you can do nothing else, please SHARE this page on EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK you are a part of.


My name is Freddy Howard. As a former law enforcement officer I have always had a soft spot for children who were victims of abuse, neglect, or who were hurt in any way.

$50,000 MEANS 200 FIXED SMILES!! ūüôā

I am also a card carrying official sponsor of SmileTrain, an organization of angel doctors who donate their time to travel to poor underdeveloped countries to help small children live happier lives. They do this by performing cleft surgeries which take about 45 minutes and cost only $250.00.

Can you imagine the joy and happiness a child must feel to look for the first time into a mirror and see a happy face smiling back? Priceless. Please click on the wriststband below and look at the cartoon on the website. It shows just that. It’s very heart warming to see.

Here is something you may not know. In some parts of¬†Africa, particularly¬†Uganda; children born with cleft deformations are called¬†“AJOK.”¬†Literally translated it means¬†“CURSED BY GOD,”¬†(NOT TRUE OF COURSE).

Unfortunately, the penalty for many newborns and small children who are born this way is often a death sentence. Yes they are sometimes killed at birth or not long after– it’s an atroscity.

I ask even if you do not decide to fund my book to film cause here on Indiegogo please take just a moment and go to¬†¬†and give there.¬†The kids are always first. YOU WILL ¬†make a difference and you may even save a new life. Haven’t you heard? God and his Angles are watching us…¬†from a distance.

And so before I talk about my personal goals and aspirations here on Indiegogo, and discuss my writing / filmaking goals I would like to-

SHARE a story significantly more importantРsomewhat of an ignorantly disturbing experience from a rather ignorantly disturbed person shortly after I discovered SmilTrain.SMILETRAIN WRISTBAND

Here goes my story–

After you read it  please CLICK the link at the end. This is the photo/video  link which caused such a problem.

Over a year ago now I was sitting in a restaurant with a woman I met on a blind date (actually this was the third date we had). She appeared to be kind-hearted and everything was going well.

What I liked about her was she was very outspoken in regards to helping the poor and championing a cause for disadvantaged and economically depressed families in underdeveloped countries.

My clue should have been when she rushed into the bathroom at the sight of a small amount of blood in my MEDIUM RARE hamburger… but nope– I didn’t catch on, blinded by something which could never be (Thank God).

I mean– wow! What a good woman! Right? (I’m asking you). Am I missing something? ¬†Yea, sure… READ ON PLEASE–

She also said it was on her¬†bucket¬†list¬†to one day volunteer and dedicate at least 6 months of her life to travel to¬†Africa¬†or¬†India¬†with an organization such as the Red Cross or SmileTrain to help these people. What a coincidence, ¬†I had just discoverd SmilTrain only a couple of days before we met! ūüôā

This was definately MEANT TO BE! Right? Huh? (I’m asking you again now– I need some reassurance from you because I’m the only one nodding my head right now. Are you seeing something I MISSED? Was the hamburgurer a HUGE CLUE that I miissed?).

I picked up my phone to show her the SmileTrain website. As I fumbled around under the table, she wanted to know what I was looking at on my phone .So passed the phone her way to show her the images of a poor child with a cleft lips. It was a video/photo and in it a child with a cleft was trying to smile.

When she looked at it she became so angry, she smacked the phone right out of my hand and yelled in the restaurant¬†“I didn’t come here to look at¬†any¬†explicit¬†monsters before I eat!”

And so based on what she said about these helpless children I no longer had any interest in sitting at the table with any explicet monster either (her).

So I got up and left the restaurant. And from that moment on I decided I would do whatever I could to help support SmileTrain. So here I am and it makes me feel great ūüôā

By the way… about that dinner. I¬†usually¬†pick up the check on a date but you must agree, this was not that usual.

This is what angered her (Her monster).


Smile Train Canada Homepage video from Smile Train on Vimeo.


                                  MY E-VIRAL BOOK TO FILM PROJECT! 

I and Dax Litto (from Bensalem) who also lives in the Hollywood / Los Angles area will direct the film. Dax is a Graduate of Temple University Film School. He is also an experienced film director and video professional and has experience in location and blue screen shooting. Key word SHARE POWER!

Dax (whose image will appear here shortly) has worked on several high budget film productions for various production companies here in Los Angeles and has also shot independently in the Hollywood area. I will work closely with him as an assistant director on my script should this drive be successful. SHARE POWER!

The goal is to generate enough revenue to create a high quality 15-30 minute short film production and extended trailer embedded into the website and placed on YouTube and Vemo to promote my book and generate energy and excitement around it for a weekend charitable book signing tour.SHARE POWER!

As this happens we will be simultaneously raising funds for with a goal of reaching $50,000 for them and to also shoot the trailer and 30 minute short film.

I have a personal goal on my own website to do this in one year but I believe here on Indiegogo, there is a chance to hit it even faster. SHARE POWER!

Luke 11:24 (The dark obsession of a killer clergy) will be shot over several locations and against a blue screen. The more funds we raise during our Indiegogo Campaign of course, the less need there will be for blue screen shoots and the more location shoots we will have. There will also be professional CGI effects incorporated into the film and trailer. SHARE POWER!

There are several independent studios and production venues here in the Hollywood / Los Angeles area which specialize in film trailers, blue screen, set and prop configuration and production. Dax is very resourceful and knowledgeable in this area and he will be an asset in getting this project off the ground in a timely and proficient manor. SHARE POWER!

Should we significantly exceed our goal during our Indiegogo fund drive we plan to travel back to the Philadelphia area, our hometown of Bensalem Pa. to have a book signing and film premier. I will also continue to donate a portion of my personal book revenue directly to SHARE POWER!

Awareness material, wristbands, and CD’s will be also be available at the signing and location of the event will follow as we campaign continues to grow.

We expect the actual shooting to take just over a month and will commence immediately after the Indigogo drive is complete. SHARE POWER!

We should have some ideal of where we are in terms of making this happen during the middle of our campaign and would ideally like to make it back to the Philadelphia area around September or October 2013.

Remember even if it is $1.00 you will be helping a child wear a proud smile, and helping to also make a cool film. I hope all of my friends jump aboard. SHARE POWER!

Should we exceed our goal I will be casting cast 9-14 non-union actors/actresses for small parts in the trailer and they will each receive a copy of the production for resume purposes. SHARE POWER!


The short film will have 4-6 scenes and we will need approximately 6 actors.

**If you live in the Los Angles area and would like to be considered for one of the characters please e-mail me a short resume (optional) and a full body and face photo. Include your height and weigh. It does not have to be a professional photo. I realize they cost a ton. Boot strapping is quite acceptable and admired (but I will reject a Polaroid-LOL)but you must be able to act…fair?

Just send something you feel is representative of the character’s physical attributes and persona in the book or you can also send me a video or website link via my facebook fan page for me to consider as long as it is not x-rated and includes a short bio, physical attributes and tells me why you would be best for the part. Short is good.

It would also not hurt if you tell me you have read my book and what you like or dislike are about the characters (99 cent e-book). The film and production will depend entirely on the response we get from our Indiegogo Campaign Fund drive and your support. So please use your SHARE POWER! And great luck. I look forward to your responses.

I have created an e-mail dedicated just for casting and to contact me.

Send info

These are the characters needed for the project. For additional insight on the characters visit my wish list at


1) Jonathan Florentino (Serial Killer)

2) Father Antonio Florentino (Catholic priest –stalker)

3) Young Antonio Florentino

4) Diane Florentino (Mother- hearing impaired- think Jillian Michaels / Linda Hamilton/ Jessica Aniston. This character can also be tall.)

5) BOBO (Think Green Mile Michael Clark Duncan)

6) Jack Dunn (Homicide detective- Think Jeremy Renner)

7) Father Dillan (Priest who raised Jonathan)

8) Bishop Conwell (90ish- Narrator)

9) Captain Martinez (loves himself)

10) Sonya Wright (The stalked- Think HalleBerry/ Stacey Dash)

11) Jesse Wright (Police officer)

11) Warden Gates (San Quentin)

12) Death row guard

13) Judge Rizzo

14) Rem (Asian social worker)



 (The Marine on cover of my book is my best freind, Scott Warren Polkinghorn. Please take a moment to read his strory. He was a geat man)

Review- LA talk Live Radio

E-Bookedition .99 cents

As you can see from the website one of the perks is a Character Fingerprint Signature Edtion Book.This book is offered on Indiagogo and also on the main wesbsite.They are fingerprinted and signed by characters in the book)

Signed by Characters BOBO, Diane Florentino & Jonathan Florentino (Serial Killer)

They are not photo copies. You can also interact with characters on the website. When this books is purchased from the main website  $5.00 of each sale is donated to SmilTrain.

Notice the Special Edition Character Fingferprint Signature Book on the main website are slightly less. This is because the books ordered from the Indiagogo site will bare 2-3 different authentic fingerprints instead of 1 from the website.

Print books on the website are also offered with funds going to SmilTrain but are not part of the Indiegogo fund drive campaign, but is my personal contrubutory fund (my personal project) goal. Either way it is a great cause and funds will still reach SmieTrain.

Yes Luke 11:24 is controverssail and the first of many, and I am dilgently working on book 2 LESBIAN ANGEL (My domestic parter). Lesbian Angel is slated to be releasd before Chrismas 2013.



Other ways to help 





Your good friend!

Freddy Howard!